Can I Go From "Zero" to $10K+
in Just 10-Days?

Dear Fellow RockStars,

For those who don’t know me, my name is Ben Littlefield. I am an entrepreneur and marketing expert. Over the last few years, I (along with my business partner, Dr. Dan) have amassed a great deal of fortune. It has dawned on me that I have grown complacent and it is time to change that. I am sharpening the axe and am stepping away from our thriving business to start from scratch.

The challenge: to start from virtually nothing (none of my contacts or existing business resources) and build a brand new $10k+ revenue stream in only 10-days.

I am doing this EXACTLY the way many people who work jobs they dislike or struggle to grow a business. I will have zero advantage in this process. The resource I take with me is that which anyone can gain. This resource is knowledge! I will use my knowledge to set out and prove that ANYONE with the will to do so, and the tenacity, CAN take control and have the life of their dreams…

Join me in this journey by signing up for free to watch over my shoulder every step of the way as I commit to 10-days of adventure!

Let’s Rock!

–Ben Littlefield